11 Year Anniversary For Nicola Joyce Freelance Writer

Posted on June 24, 2015

freelance copywriter 11 years experience

11 Years Freelance!

Yes, it was 11 years ago today that Nicola officially struck out on her own as a freelancer. She had no idea if it would last a year, two years, or more.

It seems to have gone rather well!

People regularly ask Nicola for advice about freelancing, self-employment, writing (etc). Her reply advice always centres around:

– tenacity
– patience
– connections
– hard work
– persistence
– oh and a bit of skill, too…

Nicola sends big love (and thanks, and appreciation) today to all her past and present clients, JVs, business partners, editors, and to anyone who’s commissioned me or recommended her…

To work with Nicola – fitness copywriter with 11 years experience (!) – on a copywriting, content marketing or ebook editing project, please get in touch.

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