Brochures 2

Posted on September 3, 2010


Brochures can be used as a sales tool, communicating your business to prospects, or as a marketing tool, promoting a one-off product or service. On paper, every word counts. Brochures are designed to be reread and revisited often.


Orca Media is a list broker providing data planning
and buying services in Wimbledon, London.


To write the copy for a corporate brochure and accompanying direct mail flyer (which was to be constructed and sent out as a paper-airplane design).


Nicola was great: she took the time to thoroughly understand our business before composing the copy for our corporate brochure and direct mail flyer. Nicola’s choice of words not only described who and what we are as a company, but really got our tone spot-on. Her copy matched the design perfectly and the entire campaign had great feedback. We were impressed.
Andrew Creed, Owner, Orca Media

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