Client testimonial: blogs and articles

Posted on March 2, 2012

Client testimonial: Nicola’s “article bundle” product for blogs, websites and customer newsletters

Handmade beaded jewellery designer Lizzie Tailby, of Beads To Buy For, wanted to generate more content for her blog and newsletters. She was already writing but lacked the time to create her ideal amount of content. She asked Nicola to help her by writing two articles a month which she could then use online, as part of her social media strategy or in customer newsletters.

“Nicola’s articles are absolutely fab! I feel like she really understands me and my business, even though we’ve only met a few times. She is creative (helping me come up with an entire year’s worth of article ideas), quick and reliable, always hitting our pre-arranged deadlines. The articles she writes for me are very readable but are full of SEO keywords, too. I would recommend Nicola and am happy for prospective clients to contact me about my experience using her blogging and articles services. Thank you, Nicola!”

Lizzie Tailby, Beads To Buy For handmade beaded jewellery

For more information about Nicola’s cost-effective and convenient “article bundle”, get in touch.

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