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Portfolio: Sport and fitness journalism

Nicola has written for a range of consumer and trade titles. She specialises in (but doesn’t limit herself to) sport and fitness, particularly open-water swimming and triathlon.

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220 Triathlon

BMI Voyager

Triathlete's World

easyJet inflight

Swimming Times

Women's Fitness



Triathlon Plus

Air Malta

220 Triathlon (Origin) 220 Triathlon

"Open-Water Goggles" April 2009

"Buying a Wetsuit" March 2009

"Wetsuits in Winter" February 2009

"Cramping Your Style" February 2009

"Beginners: Women's Swimming" October 2008

"High-end wetsuits kit-test" July 2008

"Wild Blue Wander" July 2008

"The Ultimate Swim Leg: Swimming the Channel" Spring 2005

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BMI Voyager (Ink Publishing) Voyager

"Swim For It" July 2008

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Triathlete's World (NatMag Rodale) Runner's World

"Damage Limitation" September 2008

"Switch Gear" July 2008

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easyJet inflight (Ink Publishing) easyJey Inflight

"Cartoon Culture" September 2008

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Swimming Times (Amateur Swimming Association) ASA

"Jersey Royal" December 2007

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Women's Fitness (Trojan Publishing) women's fitness

"WaterCrew" March 2009

"Go Wild on a Water Holiday" August 2006

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Coast Magazine (NatMag) Coast Magazine

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Sweet (Select) Sweet

"Power Player" March 2009

"Going for Goals" June 2008

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Triathlon Plus (Future Publishing)

"Goggles Kit Test" Taster Issue

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Future Publishing

Air Malta's Sky Life (Blue Media)

"Take to the open seas" August 2008

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Air Malta

Nicola has also written for:

Fresh Direction
Women's Institute


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