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Although Nicola likes taking part in most sports, her first love is open-water swimming. She swam the English Channel in 2004 and 2008, around Jersey and up Windermere in 2007 and has a to-do list of swims which runs to several pages.

Read about her swimming challenges here. If you'd like to commission Nicola to write about a swim, get in touch. Water temperature, sea-life and distance are not limiting factors!

What is Nicola training for?


Nicola's next goal will be a swim from Jersey to France, a distance of some 18 miles (although of course tidal push and pull may add more distance to the swim). She'll start near St Catherine's Harbour on Jersey's northeast coast and land somewhere on France's Normandy coast.

Nicola was booked to do this swim in 2008 but poor weather meant she didn't get the chance to start. So it's now top of her (extensive) to-do list!

Only 12 people have done this swim so far. If forced to hazard a guess, Nicola would say it should take her between eight and 10 hours (but she really, really hates to tempt fate). Like a Channel swim, J2F swims are done without wetsuits and the swimmer can't stop during the swim.

Surprise second Channel swim - August 2008

  Channel Swim

Nicola didn't tell many people, but she booked another Channel swim this season. On Wednesday 6 August she swam to France again.

Nicola swam the Channel the first time on 24 July 2004. She always knew she'd do it at least one more time, though, and decided to combine training for her Jersey-to-France swim this year with training for another Channel crossing.

On an almost perfect day, she set off at 2:15am and swam for around three hours in the pitch dark before marine twilight started to light the sky. With her husband and two Channel swimming friends and training partners on board her pilot boat, she swam for a total of 14 hours 27 minutes before standing (and promptly falling over!) on the sandy beach at Wissant. She is over the moon.

She saw: jellyfish, tankers, bizarre swathes of seaweed, seagulls, ferries.

She did not see: sewage, sharks, David Walliams, goose-fat, fish.

She becomes the 83rd person to swim the English Channel twice.



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