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Choosing a specialist fitness copywriter

This was a surprise! Thank you to The American Writers & Artists Inc for featuring me as the “fitness copywriter” example in this article about working within a specific niche. You can read the article – about how to choose and dominate a specific copywriting niche – here.


Selected for PTDC “best fitness articles” of the week

One of Nicola’s own blog posts has been selected for the Personal Trainer Development Centre‘s “Best Fitness Articles Of The Week” slot (April 8th 2018). Nicola has been featured in this slot on previous occasions, but for content she has written for copywriting clients. This time it is her own blog which made the cut. […]


Want fitness content ideas? Get my weekly curated email

Join these fitpros, gym owners and online coaches who get my #Mondaymediaroundup emails If you struggle for content ideas – or just always welcome more! – this is a no-brainer. ✅ weekly email of ready-made “hooks” for your content ✅curated by me (all you need to do is click the link) ✅ free advice on HOW to […]


Storytelling for fitness business marketing: The Quest

It’s time for the third and final type of story in my series…. The Quest “The Quest”-type stories come after “Rags to Riches” stories in Christopher Booker’s famous list. The protagonist (and usually some companions) bravely strike out to unknown lands – either to find or win back some very important object, or to finally […]


From RAGS To RICHES – classic stories for fitness brand marketing

I’ve been talking about storytelling recently – and the most effective “categories” of story for fitness businesses like yours. (Check out the post back there with the shadowy claw-hand – that was the first “category” (Overcoming The Monster). Let’s look at another type of story (as identified in Christopher Booker’s 2004 book “Why We Tell […]


Help Your Client Overcome Their MONSTER – stories for fitness business marketing

You already know that your content needs to engage people on an emotional level – and that doesn’t mean steering clear of negative emotions. Yes, joy, wonder, and curiosity are valuable. But so are fear, frustration, and disappointment. It’s widely accepted (thanks to Christopher Booker’s 2004 book “Why We Tell Stories“) that every story ever […]