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Nicola Joyce blog post for HFE

Head over to the HFE blog to read Nicola’s latest bit of content there – 9 tips for fitpros who want to blog for business. Health and Fitness Education (HFE) are a the UK’s leading provider of fitness instructor qualifications and Personal Trainer courses. If you’d like Nicola to write blog content or online articles […]


Fitness professionals: what to do if your local paper asks you to write for them

What To Do If A Newspaper, Magazine Or Online Publication Asks You To Write Something For Them 1. Email them back. Say something like: “Hi [name], Thanks very much – yes, I’d be delighted to write for [publication name] and would be able to supply great content every [week/fortnight/month*] to meet your deadline. For this […]


Nicola Joyce writes for Lift Big, Eat Big

Freelance copywriter Nicola Joyce (“thefitwriter”) has started writing for the strength training organisation Lift Big Eat Big. Nicola’s articles will appear regularly and can be found under her author page >> here. Her first article was about how the menstrual cycle affects training and recovery for strength athletes and has been shared 400 times on […]


Outsource Your Client Case Studies (Social Proof)

Let’s talk about client success stories as social proof. They’re great to have, but they take time to do… Case studies and testimonials are a must. But they take time (and skill). You’ve got to interview the client, ask all the right questions (and listen for the answers!) That’s before writing the thing up into […]


Send Your Hero On Fiction’s Most Famous 12-Step Journey

The “hero journey” concept (or “mono myth”) is central to story telling. It’s been described by Jung, Joseph Campbell, and plenty of others. And it’s SO relevant to the fitness industry, isn’t it? Do you use the idea of a “hero’s journey” in your content? It could be for your own story or – more […]


Nicola Joyce thefitwriter on social media

Find me on social media Facebook Twitter Instagram TheFitWriter blog Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.