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Client focus: fitness article for Fitness Warehouse

Here’s fitness copywriter Nicola Joyce’s latest article for client Fitness Warehouse. Fitness Warehouse commercial cardio equipment article. They commissioned Nicola to write a blog-style article for their commercial cardio equipment: specifically, interval training techniques runners can do on a commercial treadmill. This is an example of content-marketing style copy Nicola writes for sport and fitness […]


Nicola Joyce profiled on sportswear site Amplefind

Fitness copywriter Nicola Joyce has been profiled on sportswear site Amplified. The founder of the site interviewed Nicola about copywriting, bodybuilding, the fitness industry, and about competing and training as a female. The full interview is here on the sportswear website Amplefind. Amplefind has been called the Amazon of Sportswear, combining keen pricing and great […]


Nicola Joyce profiled in Get PT Clients magazine “Copywriting” edition

Nicola was delighted to be interviewed by Get PT Clients magazine, the magazine for PTs and fitpros who are serious about their business marketing. Her feature profile will be in the October edition, which is dedicated to copywriting and content marketing. Find Get PT Clients on Facebook here. When the copywriting edition with Nicola’s interview […]


Nicola Joyce at The Fit Writer In Tuesday’s Good Reads

Nicola’s articles for her client “Lift Big Eat Big” are popular! One was chosen for The Personal Trainer Development Centre’s “Articles of the week….” feature a while ago. And this week, another one has been selected, this time for Healthy Living Heavy Lifting’s “Good Reads” list. The article about how to deal with intentional weight […]


Nicola Joyce interviewed on UK Health Radio

Nicola Joyce has been interviewed on UK Health Radio‘s Fitness Hour about her involvement in bodybuilding (although she talked about a lot more!) You can listen again to it via this link >> Nicola Joyce bodybuilder interview on UK Health Radio (Nicola’s interview is the opening interview on the show – just after the first […]


Nicola Joyce at thefitwriter in PTDC’s Articles Of The Week

An article Nicola wrote for her copywriting client Lift Big Eat Big has been selected for The Personal Trainer Development Centre’s “Articles of the week….” feature. The article about disordered eating and the fitness industry was commissioned by client Lift Big Eat Big and is hosted on their website – you can read the original […]