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Online boxing articles for a sports betting client

Ahead of the weekend’s boxing superfight for the pound-for-pound crown, here are three articles Nicola was commissioned to write for an online sports betting site. Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2015 fight overview article by Nicola Joyce For the Manny fans And for the “Money” fans The work came via an agency, for whom Nicola acts as […]


Client news: 3 x Amazon best seller for fitness book edited by Nicola Joyce

Great news for client Ru Anderson of High Performance Living – his new book (which Nicola helped with as Editor) is in the top 100 across all of Amazon books, and is the number 1 best seller in each of the three categories it was entered for.


Copywriter advice helps fitpro bag blogging role

Nicola Joyce – fitness copywriter – gives regular advice on her Facebook page, including “how to” tips for getting content published in magazines and on blogs. Her recent advice about reaching out to bloggers helped one fitness professional secure a guest blogging spot and find a guest blogger for her own site. “I used this […]


Fitpro recommendation for Nicola Joyce fitness copywriter

Fitness professional, personal trainer and online coach Debbie Wyer kindly recommended Nicola Joyce on a closed Facebook marketing group: “I use Nicola for my newsletters, social media, blogs, web content etc. Nicola is fantastic. I’m not sure where I would be without her and it means I can focus more on the things I am […]


Client recommendation for Nicola Joyce ebook editing services

In his blog post about passive income for Personal Trainers and other fitness professionals, Mike Samuels of Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting, has this to say about Nicola Joyce’s content editing and ghostwriting services: “For an exception editor with copious amounts of fitness industry experience (she’s actually a champion bodybuilder too – how cool is that?) […]


Client testimonial for Nicola Joyce ebook editing services

Testimonial from Mike Samuels, Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting. Nicola Joyce recently edited his second ebook, having worked previously on his first book (which sold 750+ copies within 9 weeks, with no paid advertising or marketing). Mike says: My email newsletter this morning was about bad customer service. Well, I’ve just experienced the complete opposite. I’ve […]