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Web content testimonial (900% increase in reader engagement)

Nicola Joyce received this testimonial from Frizbee Ltd after she rewrote the company’s website content. The problem “The existing wording on our website wasn’t working: visitors to the site weren’t sticking around or clicking through to other pages and it was clear that they weren’t reading what we’d written.” The brief “We asked Nicola to […]


Nicola Joyce talks sport on local radio

Nicola Joyce was interviewed on Folkestone’s Academy FM following her INBF bodybuilding Worlds win. You can listen to the audio clip here (9 minutes) The interviewers asked Nicola about her involvement in various sports, from Channel swimming and triathlon to natural bodybuilding. Nicola Joyce – know as “the Fit Writer” – is a freelance copywriter […]


Nicola Joyce is bodybuilding World Champion

Nicola Joyce is delighted to announce that she is a double World Champion. Freelance copywriter, features writer and social media writer Nicola competes in amateur bodybuilding. On 9th November she competed at the INBF World Championships in Boston, MA, as part of the UK Team of athletes. She took the female bodybuilding (heavyweight) title and […]


Client testimonial for fitness B2C copywriting

Nicola recently received this testimonial from a client who produces consumer gym equipment. My dealings with Nicola have been pleasant and professional. She is efficient and organised and she has the core skills and creative energy to deliver a service of the highest standard. I am very happy with the work she has done for […]


Nicola Joyce press release writer in local publication

Nicola Joyce is currently featured on the front page of the Hythe Herald (Kent local newspaper) after she wrote and circulated a press release about her forthcoming trip to the USA to compete in the bodybuilding World Championships of the INBF/WNBF. If you would like Nicola to write a press release for your business, charity […]


Nicola Joyce seeks corporate funding for World title bid

Nicola Joyce – copywriter and journalist by trade, but competitive bodybuilder in her spare time – has been invited to compete at the prestigious WNBF/INBF World Championships in Boston, Massachussets, on November 9th 2013. She is the only amateur female bodybuilding competitor on the UK team and will be battling it out for an amateur […]