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Interviews, audio & podcasts featuring Nicola Joyce

Here’s where you’ll find a list of all the interviews, podcasts, radio interviews and blog posts featuring Nicola Joyce. Content written about Nicola, not by her Features Exec interview about sport/fitness copywriting Introvertology interview about her writing career and sporting exploits Yeah, She Lifts interview about bodybuilding Cision interview about her journalism work Sky Light […]


Nicola Joyce interviewed on Katie Bulmer-Cooke podcast

Nicola Joyce – aka “thefitwriter” – has been interviewed for the Katie Bulmer-Cooke Radio podcast. She speaks about copywriting (specifically for the fitness industry), about how and why businesses need to create more content… and about bodybuilding! Discover how Nicola got started in freelance copywriting (including the story which started it all off!) Listen to […]


Nicola Joyce published in Washington Post for third time

Nicola Joyce, freelance journalist and copywriter, has been published for the third time in Pulitzer-winning broadsheet The Washington Post. Featured in the newspaper’s weekly “Book World” section is Nicola’s review of Wallace J. Nichols’s book “Blue Mind”. You can read an online version of Nicola’s book review here. Nicola has been commissioned by The Washington […]


Nicola Joyce celebrates 10 years as a freelance

Nicola Joyce is celebrating 10 years in business this year. Since 2004, she has been full-time freelance, writing content for business owners, start ups and established brands. She still works directly with clients, and with design, marketing, advertising and digital agencies both in the UK and internationally. Are you one of the folk who have […]


Nicola Joyce freelance writer and copy editor for Speedo project

Nicola Joyce has recently finished working on a consumer booklet/brochure for Speedo’s “Get Speedo Fit” campaign. Working via Speedo’s appointed agency, Nicola acted as a consultant, copywriter and copy editor for the brochure. See the cover and opening page here Nicola specialises in writing about and for sport, fitness, health and wellness brands and businesses. […]


Nicola Joyce freelance writer interviewed by FeaturesExec

Nicola Joyce has been interviewed by Features Exec, the media database and bulletin website. She was asked about what it’s like to work as a freelance copywriter, how she engages with PRs and brand managers, strategies she uses (or doesn’t use!) to drive blog traffic, and whether her she or her dog is the better […]