Nicola Joyce interviewed on UK Health Radio

Posted on July 3, 2016

nicola joyce bodybuilder uk health radio interview

Nicola Joyce has been interviewed on UK Health Radio‘s Fitness Hour about her involvement in bodybuilding (although she talked about a lot more!)

You can listen again to it via this link
>> Nicola Joyce bodybuilder interview on UK Health Radio

(Nicola’s interview is the opening interview on the show – just after the first song – at around 5 minutes in)

Here are a few of the topics the interview covers:

– Nicola’s background in sport
– Channel swimming
– What goes through your brain when you’re swimming the Channel?
– What are the skills you need to be a Channel swimmer?
– Is Channel swimming scary?
– How did Nicola make the transition from swimming to bodybuilding (and why)?
– Can anyone get involved in bodybuilding?
– Is age a barrier in physique and strength sports… or a bonus?
– What are the different categories and types of bodybuilding?
– Is bodybuilding healthy or not? How can a bodybuilding lifestyle benefit our health?
– Why is lifting weights and eating like a bodybuilder healthy (even if you don’t compete)?
– What does “clean eating” really mean? Is it always a good thing?
– Healthy lifestyle improvements vs extremes of diet and exercise
– Advice for anyone wanting to get into bodybuilding

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