Outsource Your Client Case Studies (Social Proof)

Posted on January 29, 2016

freelance writer to do case studies testimonials

Let’s talk about client success stories as social proof. They’re great to have, but they take time to do…

Case studies and testimonials are a must.

But they take time (and skill).

You’ve got to interview the client, ask all the right questions (and listen for the answers!)

That’s before writing the thing up into a piece of content which others will engage with!

Did you know you can outsource ALL of it to Nicola?

Nicola writes case studies for a number of fitpros, coaches and PTs.

It’s cheaper than you might think (and it’s almost certainly cheaper than the time you’d lose doing it yourself!)

Her journalism background helps her interview people, ask great questions, let the conversation evolve.

And her copywriting skills help her write the interview up into a great bit of social proof.

It’s story-telling at its finest.

If you want to get GREAT client success stories on your website or FB page (and you must be if you’re still reading), get in touch. Nicola can do it all for you.

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