As a business, you may be offered (or purchase) editorial space in a newspaper or magazine. You’ll need to provide engaging copy which promotes your business without being an obvious advert. There will be a strict wordcount and an even stricter deadline.


Ali Heathfield is an business coach and mediator based in Maidenhead, Berkshire.


To write a short piece of editorial copy promoting Ali and her group coaching sessions. This project had an extremely tight deadline.


I was given some editorial space in a local business magazine at short notice. I enjoy writing but knew I wouldn’t have time to put the article together before the deadline. I asked Nicola to write me a few hundred words and, to her credit, she barely flinched when I added that I needed the article by the end of the day. Sure enough, that afternoon the article appeared in my inbox, ready to go to the magazine. Nicola had taken my raw material, rewritten it and edited it down within a few hours, creating a readable and punchy article.
Ali Heathfield, AP Business Coach, Advanced Perception Ltd

USA branding consultant Nick Nanton recommends Nicola Joyce for ghostwriting, blogging, articles, press releases and any content.

Nicola caught up with Nick at an annual business event for the fitness industry. Last year, she ghostwrote several chapters in a book produced by Nick and Celebrity Press (the book reached #1 in the Amazon bestseller list).