Along with journalism for magazines, I provide editorial for contract publishing, books and one-off editorial collaborations. I can be relied upon to find my own case studies and interviewees, and to deliver copy to deadline.


The Observer in association with Mercedes-Benz.


To provide two chapters for a book produced by The Observer in association with Mercedes-Benz. One chapter to be a first-person account of my Channel swims, the other to be a ghost-written article, for which I had to identify and secure the interviewee, conduct the interview and write the chapter.


When commissioning The Observer book “Summer”, Nicola immediately sprang to mind as a contributor. I follow her on Twitter and am inspired by her sporting accomplishments as well as her writing. Once commissioned, she did not disappoint. Nicola’s writing is sharp, fizzing with energy and a joy to read. She met every deadline, did a fantastic job of finding the perfect interviewee and her first person piece was nothing less than fabulous. She even agreed to face a freezing cold lake in early spring for the photo shoot.
I wouldn’t hesitate to commission Nicola again in the future.
Johanna Payton, Commissioning Editor, The Observer

USA branding consultant Nick Nanton recommends Nicola Joyce for ghostwriting, blogging, articles, press releases and any content.

Nicola caught up with Nick at an annual business event for the fitness industry. Last year, she ghostwrote several chapters in a book produced by Nick and Celebrity Press (the book reached #1 in the Amazon bestseller list).