Super-Quick Fix For Your Biggest Content-Creation Fear

Posted on January 27, 2016

I know loads of fitpros really struggle with the idea of creating video content. But it’s something you need to be doing – for your FB groups, as video sales letters, for your website…

Here’s a VERY quick (10-seconds-long, actually!) fix. It’ll get you over all your fears about video content.
nicola joyce copywriter thefitwriter snapchat

Seriously. Get on Snapchat and start add video to your “story”.

That’s video of YOU. Video of you, TALKING. Video of you, talking, with FRONT FACING CAMERA on wink emoticon

Snapchat is a fun and low-risk way of putting video content out.

Each snap is only 10 seconds long. And it only stays on your story for 24 hours.

Doing Snapchat videos will teach you to think on your feet, get you comfortable with seeing and hearing yourself on video, and force you to come up with interesting topics (and talking about them quickly). You’ll automatically have to edit any “ummmms”, “ermmmmms” and waffle.

Doing “real” video for YouTube, Facebook or your website will feel like a luxury after Snapchat! After all, you can script it, light it and edit it!

Go on, get on Snapchat. Add me (therealnicjoyce, or via snapcode) so I can see your video content experiments.

PS I’m someone who HATES seeing myself on video or hearing my own voice. Somehow, with Snapchat, I don’t care!

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