Web content testimonial (900% increase in reader engagement)

Posted on December 5, 2013

Nicola Joyce received this testimonial from Frizbee Ltd after she rewrote the company’s website content.
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The problem
“The existing wording on our website wasn’t working: visitors to the site weren’t sticking around or clicking through to other pages and it was clear that they weren’t reading what we’d written.”

The brief
“We asked Nicola to rewrite the wording across the entire site, with the aim of building engagement with our visitors and increasing amount of time they stayed on our website. We also wanted our website wording to sound more like us!”

The process
“Nicola came to visit us at the shop, made some helpful suggestions, and then worked very quickly, writing the new content within a few days. Her draft didn’t need any amendment.”

The outcome
“The website analytics speak for themselves. From the day after we uploaded Nicola’s content, the average stay time on the website increase by 900%. This is all based on a set of calculations, using data about length of time between page clicks, increases on visits and reading time.

“In simple terms, it’s about the fact that our website content was boring and didn’t engage people. It’s now interesting, full of character, and persuades people to stay, read, and find out more about us.”

Freelance copywriter Nicola Joyce is available to write website content, wording for website news pages or to refresh existing website content. Perhaps you’d like to start a blog for your business? Or maybe you have new products or services and need to add content to your website to promote them. Get in touch to find out how Nicola can help optimise your website.

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