Where you’ll find my byline this month

Posted on February 11, 2013

Feb/March 2013

You’ll find articles by journalist and feature-writer Nicola Joyce in the current issue of:

Bodyfit (page 40-41) – an article on the benefits of swimming, including an interview with ex-GB swimmer Karen Pickering
Careers in Sport (page 23-25) – advice from leading Personal Trainers for those looking for a career in the industry
Muscle and Fitness (page 100-108) – an in-depth profile of Figure Pro athlete Nina Simone Ross
Careers in Sport (page 4-5) – an article on why 2013 is the year to get involved in the sport and leisure industries

And – if they’re still available where you are – Women’s Walking issue 1 – a real-life profile of walking and weight-loss and Alpha Fit issue 6 – a run-down of the essential sports supplements you need in your gym bag.

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